Duties of the cleaners

In general we can say that this professional figure has the role of maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the environments, whether it is domestic environments or not such as cinemas, theaters, offices part time cleaning services singapore.

It is therefore important that he is able to work in different contexts, knowing how to adapt to each environment and being able to find in each of them the way to improve it and make it clean and tidy.

The methods of employment are various, often it is self-employment with private individuals who hire them with a part-time contract or in any case for a few days of the week, or you can have a contract with companies that offer professional services for the public and private sector allowing the creation of a real team.

Tasks and duties

Like every worker, the cleaner also has tasks to be respected which coincide, in principle, with these activities: –

Cleaning the floors through the use of hand and / or motor equipment, thus requiring a a dexterity that should not be underestimated especially if related to time;

-Dust and tidy up the rooms;

-Clean and disinfect bathrooms, places where hygiene is difficult to maintain;

-Clean doors and windows, often overlooked elements

Beyond these activities, it is necessary that he knows how to manage the chemical products necessary for cleaning in total safety, avoiding unpleasant inconveniences and that he is able to keep the work equipment clean and tidy.