Types of employment discrimination singapore to look out for

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Singapore as a nation is striving toward eradicating discrimination in employment and at the workplace. The TGFEP has a set of guidelines for employers to follow while hiring people. This set of rules acknowledges plenty of aspects such as a fair HR system, criteria for hiring, and more. As per a MOM’s survey, employment discrimination singapore has fallen sharply since 2018.

Types of employment discrimination

One should be aware of the types of discrimination to look out for around them.

  1. Race

This exists in society and the workplace as well. In many places, one out of every three people is discriminated against based on their race. They face troubles everywhere, from the hiring process to getting promoted.

  1. Gender

It is common in hiring and payscale. It also takes place in several other forms. It is so deep-rooted in society that people don’t hesitate to take down women performing well for themselves.

  1. Disability

It is not deep-rooted but still very prevalent. Others look down upon such individuals and assume that they are incapable of doing their job, which is seldom not true.

  1. Pregnancy

Apart from gender-based discrimination, women face this one as well. During pregnancy, coworkers feel that women are incompetent and often make them feel isolated. Some employers may even lay off women if they are about to give birth.

  1. Age

Everyone wishes to hire young and energetic people. So, anyone over the age of 40 is seen as a liability. They often feel harassed and pressured by young bosses. In some cases, they may be forced to retire early.

So, one needs to educate themselves and identify employment discrimination Singapore around them.